Life on the farm with (who else?) Farmer John!

Our good buddy John Mercer came back from his 2 year odyssey about half a year ago and has been working at learning about sustainable living. His goal is to have a farm of his own someday that will provide enough food, etc. for him to never have to work full-time again. Pretty good goal. Currently, he is learning all about 'processing' chickens and rabbits, caring for buffalo and yak, as well as the finer points of tractor driving at a local 100% natural farm. I took Spencer and Sahalie over recently to get a closer look at where there food should be coming from. They collected eggs, sat on a tractor, got yelled at by a bunch of geese, and had a pretty darn good time kicking around with Uncle Farmer John. Thanks, buddy!
Checking out the buffalo herd.
Trying to talk over the din of the gander.
I could have left him on this tractor for another 4 hours.

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