Todd in Touch

Cougar Cabin

Staci did us right and claimed a historic A-frame from the OMSI science school up the road when it closed. Legend has it that these originally came from the Rajneesh and his goofy cult out in John Day in the 80's before acting as student wilderness housing in the Tumalo Creek Falls area for 25 years or so. Remember all the salmonella poisoning in the Dalles to rig the county elections? That Rajneesh. Anyway, it's ours now! Met a man that goes by the name of 'Swede'...he was making money moving these cabins for folks (there was 15 or 20 of these things). Swede was a what you call an original local. Moved his first building by the time he was 16...a hay barn that was turned into the Model A barn when the horses were replaced. He moved it home and parked his '47 Plymouth in it. He's one of those people you feel honored to know. So, Swede drops off the cabin and Todd and I (with Staci's gentle supervision) have almost moved it in to place.

mi hermanos y musica

This month has been extra fun thanks to Doug and Todd's respective ambitions in the realm of invisible (and visible) art. Corespondent's cd release at the Josephine in Seattle and Todd's 2 bands playing back to back here at Silver Moon have us witnessing a bit of a different life than we're used to (especially the cross-dressing part). Thanks!

Magnum PIPA

Ben, Joe, and I brewed up Joe's homebrew recipe to celebrate the National Beard and Moustache Competition, which is happening the first weekend of June...plus facial hair!


Ahhhh Mexico

What else can I say...It was complete bliss.
Two weeks of sunsets, siestas, fiestas, fresh fruit from the back of trucks, margaritas, no schedule, taco stands, 5 beaches, jellyfish stings, the best mother's day ever, yogurt drinks, boogey boarding, body surfing, spencer swimming on his own, beach combing, iguanas, sand in every crack, fresh fish, pool parties, mariachi bands, friendly locals, polo games, flip flops, bands in the street, and sun kissed shoulders. We will be back.

Our new favorite neighbors

Okay, they might not really be our "neighbors" but real close. My mom and dad finally did it...they bought a house in Bend. They came down and signed the papers in March and didn't waste much time putting a new coat of paint on the inside, refinishing the floors, spiffing up the yard, and just dreaming. It has been so fun to stop over for dinner, a trip to their neighborhood park or just to say hi. We are so lucky to have them closer and can't wait to see them here permanently. Love you guys!