Life on the farm with (who else?) Farmer John!

Our good buddy John Mercer came back from his 2 year odyssey about half a year ago and has been working at learning about sustainable living. His goal is to have a farm of his own someday that will provide enough food, etc. for him to never have to work full-time again. Pretty good goal. Currently, he is learning all about 'processing' chickens and rabbits, caring for buffalo and yak, as well as the finer points of tractor driving at a local 100% natural farm. I took Spencer and Sahalie over recently to get a closer look at where there food should be coming from. They collected eggs, sat on a tractor, got yelled at by a bunch of geese, and had a pretty darn good time kicking around with Uncle Farmer John. Thanks, buddy!
Checking out the buffalo herd.
Trying to talk over the din of the gander.
I could have left him on this tractor for another 4 hours.


1st Grade

Well, we finally made it. Amity Creek Magnet School. And of course, I cried on the first day. The sense of community, excitement, old friends, new friends, and happy kiddos. We are so grateful to have found such a great fit for Spencer....and so grateful to be a part of the great community in Bend who is all about "celebrating the journey".


Salon de Tobin

Our neighbor Tobin gave Sahalie a Beverly Hills hair experience...then borrowed my camera to document his handiwork.

Out of the house!

The other day we took our last trip up to the tower until the snow melts...

River Road

Our gravel road becomes a lot more fun when it's covered in snow (as long as the kids don't end up in Tumalo Creek).


Oh the holidays!

My ladies get all dressed up for the silliest things...but it's a darn good excuse for it.
Don't they look CUTE???