Celebrating in Pacific City

Headed to Pacific City for my friend Deena's 50th birthday. Surf, sand, blue skies, and good friends. What more could you ask for?

Pretending like we own the place

The chicas with the birthday girl


Running the river

Running the river in front of the house while it's high....mama said no thanks.


Sparks Lake

Our first canoe outing of the season. The snow pack was so big this year that the boat ramp just opened and it was hard to find a beach spot, but it didn't stop us. Sahalie managed to be naked within minutes and Spencer caught the biggest frog I have ever seen.


4th of July

Lots of 4th of July fun to be had this year. Of course, the annual pet parade with the flying chihuahua, popsicles, slip and slide madness with Uncle Todd, big boy fireworks (sparklers don't cut it anymore) and of course, the fireworks on top of Pilot Butte from my mom and dad's backyard. Happy 4th!!


Trouble with a capital T

Sahalie with her friend Meg found the "princess" box. Can you see them at prom? Trouble...