snow leopards and their snow cave

The conditions weren't very good for skiing or sledding, but the snow packed like concrete.
We made an igloo that became a snow cave for wild snow leopards.
Then they joined the circus as tractor operators.

Mr. Mom

We made it!
After 5 days without the real deal, we all still like each other.
Sahalie got some new clothes from Mimi and tried out some dance moves while Spencer was still for a rare moment.


Another favorite face

Paul beat me to the punch on the last couple of posts so I just had to include another favorite face. This one comes when she hears a loud noise, her brother (which could also be considered a loud noise), or anything new.


One kid. One guitar. One shot.

Now if he could only add a song with some lyrics...

Wildlife sighting

We sure get excited about a downy woodpecker!

My favorite face

It finally snowed.

Took advantage of a snowy Sunday by hanging outside all day.

Him & Me


Wish I was there

As the skies have been cloudy all week and if it does anything it rains and it only makes me wish I was back here....Saladita. I am not quite sure how I pulled it off, but I went ALONE with four other women to go surfing in mid November. I know, I know, I have never surfed. Minor detail really. It was lovely. Lots of adventures and even more laughter with a bunch of really cool women. And to top it all off, I stood up on my board. I'm hooked.

siesta time for the boards

the blue corn tortillas were to die for

the trials of surfing...Beto getting the sea urchins out of Maggie's foot. and yes, he is whacking her foot with a paddle. she is one tough cookie.

revolution day parade

post surfing cerveza....poolside

the chicas

soaking up the last rays


OK Komputer

Our computer had some issues recently.
Thanks to Matt (our macwhiz neighbor) we didn't lose anything and now the thing works better than ever.

mi familia

Todd's Sled

has come in handy for dragging Sahalie around or moving Christmas items from the cabin to our house.

Where are the kids?

Well, Papa's at work, that's for sure...

Sunday Movie: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Making friends in NorCal

Spencer and Sahalie had fun over New Year with Oliver and Benjamin.
We hope that this continues throughout adolescence...

Breakfast with the real Santa Claus

outside regardless

We can have fun this winter even if it doesn't snow, darn it.