Nine lives?

Well, I thought cats only had nine lives, but I am pretty sure Tashi has nine too. Or maybe she is really a cat? Either way, the poor thing has been recovering since last Monday when we think she got hit by a car.

It was a full moon, pitch black outside and Tashi is nowhere to be found. We whistled for her and called for her with no avail and so Spencer and Paul started the search. As I am suiting up Sahalie, I look out the back door one more time....just in case. And sure enough, here she comes pushing herself on her belly with only her back legs. I swept her up and brought her inside to check her out. Her breathing was erratic, she couldn't move her front legs, her eyes were wild, her chin was bleeding and she wouldn't move. Emergency vet here we come. After a couple x-rays, there was no broken bones which was amazing, but the swelling was so bad internally we didn't know if she would make it through the night. I slept on the couch with my hand resting on her belly to make sure she was breathing and although she didn't move an inch, she woke up wagging her tail in the morning. Tough old girl.
The swelling has gone done which is good, but the nerve damage was pretty bad to her front left side. They said to give the leg six weeks to see if the nerves repair, and if they don't she will most likely be a tripod. And if any dog I know can do it, Tashi can.

It took her a couple days to actually get up on her own and it was such a sad sight to see her struggle just to take a couple of steps. A week later and here she is moving around pretty darn good don't you think? You go sweet girl!


The Gang on Halloween

Hope you got more treats than tricks!