The 100th day

Alan Johnston, a BBC correspondent, was kidnapped in Gaza on March 12th and has now been in captivity for 100 days. And as I listen to one of my favorite NPR shows "World Have Your Say", I am struck by the messages that people share from all over the world about this man. Messages of hope, love, and admiration. Although I am not very familiar with his reporting, I am reminded about the freedom I often take for granted. If you find it in your heart, please check out the website and sign the petition for his release and freedom.
Alan Johnston banner


bird's eye view

molly marie....and her papa

Our Alaska Trip

a little family,
a little friends,
and a smaller backpacking trip

The Cartee Casa

Vera Lake

A night at Aimee's cabin...some fishing, beaver chasing, sweating in the sauna, and catching up after 5 months.

first cast

i'll have to admit it wasn't mine.....nice work Steve.

good friends

same bath, smaller bucket..

although spencer is used to having his bath in some form of a bucket lately, this one was a bit of a tight squeeze.

romantic getaway?

well....the hike was beautiful.
we spotted a black bear searching for berries across the valley and mountain goats galore.
old remnants of the monarch mine were scattered along the way. (the mine was a lode (vein) mine active from 1909 to 1938. just after the turn of the twentieth century, hundreds of prospectors heading for other parts of the state on the Iditarod Trail passed the Monarch’s undiscovered vein without knowing it.)
we left our mark on the cabin, had a little nipsy to stay warm, and then decided that a hotel sounded real nice.

too familiar

and i thought my outhouse was a challenge.....