Alaska....fall or winter?

A couple pics from our recent trip up to AK. It couldn't decide if it was fall or winter, but either way it was beautiful. And we still had a good time even with ALL the talk about Palin. My favorite bumper sticker that I spotted while I was up there..."Coldest State, Hottest Governor".

Spencer celebrates his birthday.....again.

Sahalie is all partied out...


King for a Day.....

It is hard to believe my little man turned three.....Happy Birthday Spencer!


First Sign of Winter...

According to the Brewery, winter is on its way with the official release of Jubelale ....they even had a party to celebrate. Complete with the first keg being wheeled through the place, Paul giving a toast on the bar, and all the local beer geeks making an appearance (the Arney's included). I was so proud of Paul's "speech" and I am still in awe that he was on the clock while pounding that beer. Who wouldn't love that job?