This was only last week.

And the adventure continues.....

Well, once again, I am reminded that I am not in control. Paul and I had planned on having a quiet Saturday morning with Spencer before we headed to Mexico. But once again, Paul woke me up at 6:30am...."Hey honey, I think you might want to get up. We are flooding again." Are you kidding me?

A little deja vu as I start packing up the computer, video camera, our art, and oh yeah, don't forget your swimsuit because Mexico here we come. Althought the river rose a little slower than the weeks before, it got to the top step of our front porch. We spent the day moving stuff up to the new house "just in case" and ran into the sheriff on our way out who brought in the troops and 800 sand bags ( i like to call it the Great Wall of Skyliner) to divert the river.....about 6 hours too late. Luckily, we missed the media circus, but feel free to get all the goods at ktvz.com or bendbulletin.com.

I would have included my own photos, but it was hard to hold my camera with the canoe paddles in my hand.

Oh, and just in case you thought the day was done, Paul drove me back to my van in town only to find that some kids had shot out my back window with a bb gun. super. So I am now driving around town with a black plastic bag and duct tape as my window. (This is when you start humming the Sanford and Sons theme song.)


The froggy's back in town...

Happy Halloween. Spencer spotted this outfit about a month ago at Goodwill and all he wants to do is, "hold it mama, hold the froggy." So, he got his wish. Here he is, full monty as froggy. We only made it as far as the pub, but he'll never know....he's only 2 right?