Earth Day 2010

Another hippie-fest.
Spencer saw all his school friends and we all participated in the parade.
Shari and Staci strutted their stuff and Sahalie was cool as a cucumber.
Spencer was dressed as a 'Cat-Bob' and I was just glad we didn't lose anybody in the tremendous excitement.

a few random pics

Sunday morning conversation with Meema and Peepa

Back in February at the Oregon Coast

To the moon! Who knew there were so many cars there??

we OK witout mama for a bit

It's always hard when mama leaves for more than a few hours, but as long as we've got smiles, it's OK.

last bit of snow

We've seen the last of the snow this year, but we got some final play days in it a few weeks' ago.

Check out them boots

Passed down from her Papa and boy does she love stopping around in them.

Sunday morning play

Spencer is trying to convince Sahalie to play cars, but she is way too busy checking out the birds.


The Hunt

Yes Sahalie, that IS a lottery ticket in your Easter egg. Feeling lucky?

Easter preparations

Appreciating fine art

The first piece provided by Spencer, "Who says bees have to be just black and yellow mama?"
And the second fine piece provided by my dad. An Opus One and one of the best wines I have tasted in a long time. Mmmmmm. Forget those "value" wines, bring on the Opus!


A reading machine

I am not sure what sparked it, but about two months ago Spencer decided he wanted to start reading. It started real simple, 3 and 4 letter words and has just exploded from there. He can't get enough and it has been such a fun journey, even when he asks me to slow down in the car so he can read some sign on the road. But I guess that is the end of my days spelling out those "not so nice" words.....