I just love a good family photo....

This one's for Eric....

You'll have to use your imagination because it is REALLY hard to capture a rally on film.


A Beach Trip with the Leydens...

sunset watchin'
kite flyin'
fish n' chip eatin'
beach combin'
ping pong rallyin'
sand boardin'
tide poolin'
ladybug catchin'
hooky playin'
weekend at the beach


My favorite reason for being a mom....

Cheers to all the moms out there.....

There is a quote out there somewhere. I can't remember who said it or the exact verbage, but it has become my motto as I have become a mom. It goes something like this....there is no perfect way to be a mom, but a hundred ways to be a good one. Some days it is a relief to know that the odds are in my favor of being a good mom.

Thanks to all the moms out there that I know and love.....


Saturday morning adventures...

Would the rain really bother you if you had a froggy slicker? I didn't think so.

We ventured out this morning as the mist hung heavy in the valley. The aroma of snow brush was in full swing and now that most of the snow has melted, the new course of the creek has revealed itself after all the flooding last fall.

A visit with Mimi