1st Annual Family Camp

Well, our Bend friends have camped together for many years but never like this. It was the first time we have gotten together since kids and boy did we take over the place. We had five campsites and I can't even count how many of us there were. We used to laugh that the dogs outnumbered the adults on our camping adventures and this time it was the kiddos. Quite an adventure indeed.

proper planning is the key to success

just to give you an idea of our entourage....yes, that was most of us.
my favorite part of the whole weekend was how much freedom and fun all the kids had. you could hearing them screaming and laughing all the way across the lake....and these three were inseparable

papa pretending like he got sleep in the family tent...at least he is still smiling

at the "beach"

day 3 + no shower = 1 dirty Sahalie


Go Sa-hae-hae, it's your birthday!

Hard to believe my baby turned 2. She wasn't quite sure what to think of it when we sang to her first thing in the morning, but it didn't take her long to warm up the the attention, presents and of course, the cupcakes. By the end of the day, she was singing Happy Birthday to herself. Love you sweet pea!


Always a good time

It happens every two years and it never disappoints....the Arney family reunion. So, although it does coincide with the Wylam family reunion (Paul's grandma Marty), it really is all about the Arney's and their shenanigans. I love it. And the highlights?

The full moon setting on Mayfield Lake
Camping on the lawn in our condo of a tent
Late night bonfires and lots of laughter
All of us together in one spot
Spencer's first "Fish on!" or make that six
The talk about how we should do this every year

So, although you might have a hard time spotting her in any of the pictures, I swear Sahalie was there.