Hammocks' up

Which means summer has officially started


Memaw and Pepaw in the HOUSE

A lot of play and a little work during Memaw and Pepaw's last visit. We celebrated a couple of dads for Father's Day and one of the highlights was the open house at the Bend Airport. Fun as always.......


Prime pickins

The first of the morels are out and of course my spry little mushroom hunter, Spencer, found the first ones. I just love a good hunt.



If I could put my birthday into one word, it would be "thoughtful".
I was shooting a wedding all weekend and arrived home after a 6 hour drive to roses from Spencer, a cake, a clean house from Paul, sweet cards, even sweeter phone calls and a sweet beamer......keychain. Thanks for making my day extra special!


What's mine is yours

And I think Spencer got the short end of the stick.


Her hero

Sahalie took a pretty big digger out of the sandbox. Her nose and mouth were clogged up with dirt but she still mananged to yell, "Papa! Papa! Papa!", over and over until he saved her. Awwwwww.....she is a daddy's girl for sure.