Hard to believe...my baby started kindergarten. I cried three times. Once when he picked out what he was going to wear on his first day of school, the second time when we walked into the classroom, and the third time when he waved goodbye as Paul and I left. I love you little man.

His first and long awaited school bus ride. I think he was more excited about riding the bus than going to kindergarten.


"Pretty" School

Sahalie has been wondering for the last couple of months when she gets to go to "pretty school"....a.k.a. pre-school. She knows the school well because of Spencer and she even has the same teachers, Mr. Brian and Ms. Heather (Mr. Heather to Sahalie.) She waved her goodbyes and told me it was time for me to go because it was "her school". And Mr. Brian thought she was shy.....