A blast from the past

It has been 16 years since I graduated from college ( I know, I haven't aged a bit!) and since I last saw one of my old friends and roommate, Shannon Hurley. Here in Bend for a visit, she looked me up, and we had a fun, yet quick reunion. It was like no time had passed.....



A trip to the tower

Another balmy weekend in Bend and with the snow melting fast, we thought we try to make it up to the radio tower on the ridge behind our house. We only made it halfway before the snow turned us around, but it was beautiful anyway. Views from Smith Rock to Paulina Peak with the sun shining bright on Bachelor.


Adios January 2011

Well, it wasn't the best start to 2011 but I appreciate that sometimes you just have to love what is. Between the lice, children with 104 degree temperatures, sinus infections, flooding, and car troubles, we stayed busy enough and also realized that it was all just an inconvenience. Our mantra seemed to be, "no one is dying and no one has cancer." Because goodness, we have seen enough of our friends dealing with that lately. So, here are some of our more fun shots from the beginning of 2011. Happy New Year and love the ones you're with.

Rag Curls

I'm not sure where she heard the word, but "princess" is big in her vocabulary right now. And since I don't normally "do" her hair, she asked if she was a princess? Ummmmm....I don't think so. But the rag curls were cuter in her hair than when I pulled them out, hence the big cheesy grin in this picture. Ah jeez. This girl might be a handful.

Snow Day

Growing up in Alaska, I always hoped for snow days. They rarely happened. In fact, I can only remember two days of school being canceled ever. I actually made it to the bus stop on one occasion to realize that I was the only one standing there...everyone else had heard over the radio that there was no school. I can't believe I missed that opportunity to sleep in!

So, imagine my surprise and excitement when Paul decides to take the day off work (for the third year in a row) for the first big snow of the season. (Insert the song "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof) I will make sure to sleep in next year.

The swimming hole...a little colder than usual.

One of my favorite trees

Spencer's snow angel

Still smiling after 39 years.

I think it was the red "special" plate and the enchiladas. Happy Birthday baby!

The ladies

I just love these girls and sometimes in the mayhem they get overlooked. Aly = 13 years...deaf, but not dumb. Tashi = 12 years....more cat than dog. I think she has used up at least 7 of her lives. She told me they have all been great.

Desperate housewife?

Well, home bound and desperate to find something meaningful for us to do....we decided to bake cookies. (This is where my mom starts laughing). My original intention was to make it a home school lesson in math. You know...measuring, fractions, et all. And then I decided it was a good excuse for Paul to take me out for a glass of wine where the kids could enjoy their creations. Yes, a desperate housewife indeed.
A warm, balmy day in the desert. I think it was almost 60 degrees and we were definitely overdressed. But, "It is January!", you say. I know, I know...

I just love teamwork (a.k.a I love that my kids are doing the dishes)

I really love these unprompted moments of my kiddos working together and forming their own relationship. I giggle just as much as they do....okay, maybe more.

Post hot tub warm up?

Seriously, how many people need to sit next to the fire after being in the hot tub? Spencer told me his hands were in his mouth so he could stop his teeth from chattering. He is my constant reminder that things don't have to be so complicated.


I think you have seen something like this before, right? Well, we are proud of our kids no matter where and how they enjoy their quiet time.