Mushroom Hunters

Here are some shots of the team and the loot we pulled in from our first annual mushroom hunting expedition. Spencer and I took our BedBath&BeyondBags to places they never thought they'd go, that's for sure. See post below for field specimens.


A couple weeks ago we found the largest and craziest mushrooms I've ever seen...all just down the hill from our house! Staci had got a mushroom ID book for me for father's day and we tried to educate ourselves on the giant blooms that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

AMANITA (Poisonous or hallucinagenic?? Robert Plant walks up to one of these mushrooms in the movie 'The Song Remains the Same'...)

KING BOLETE (a most prized edible)



First Day....

Spencer on his first day of preschool. He was more excited about his lunch box than school....he had it packed and was all ready to go by 8am. School didn't even start until 9. Paul and I dropped him off and I bawled....I am blaming it on the hormones. With Sahalie in the mix it is crazy just how grown up he seems. I just love that little dude.


Gone Baby Gone

that was then....

this is now....

Well, after 18 months of growing that baby out it is gone. I think he looks incredibly handsome either way....you?


Jumping right in...

Nesting? What is that? No rest for the wicked when you have a three year old.

Sahalie got a good taste of life over the last couple of weeks. She was showered with love from both my parents and Paul's parents after she was born as they both got to stick around for awhile and celebrate with us. She has been spending lots of time with her big brother and she saw her first concert, Wilco. She will definitely has some bragging rights with that one. A little weekend getaway to Elk Lake....she decided the water was too chilly for a swim. She attended a birthday party complete with cocktails which mama got to enjoy and got downright funky at the Sisters Folk Festival this last weekend. Whew...welcome to the world Sahalie!