Radio Tower part deux

Spencer and I took some guy time to drive up to the radio tower at the top of the ridge behind our house. We visited this spot last year as the snow approached, and while there wasn't much geology talked about this time, we did toss a number of cool looking rocks down the hill. Check out the storm over Bend in the 'thumbs up' photo. Ha ha. We'll get ours soon enough.


Morning jam session

I think they were playing "Stairway to Heaven"....



Raise your hand if you LOVE Elk Lake

I like to call this one "Elk Lake Bliss" because I forget how much I really love those last warm days of summer in the afternoon. Just trying to cram it all in.....

Afternoon tea party


Just like the old days

Our first night away together since Sahalie was born and we did one of our old favorites...canoe camping on Sparks Lake. Uninterrupted conversation, a sunset, swimming underneath the stars, a fire on the beach, and a morning all to myself. Ahhh, the simple things.

Man and his dog


"Oh yeah, baby"

That is Spencer's new phrase, especially every week at soccer. As a WA state high school championship soccer player, Paul was nominated to be the coach and I must say they are pretty cute out there. Yesterday was the first "scrimmage" game which was nothing short of every single kid chasing the ball as fast as they could trying to kick it. No one knew who was on their team and I don't think it mattered a bit. Spencer scored five goals and he was proud. So was I. Suitin up.

Coach Papa

Spencer's cheer squad, biggest fan, and future hopeful.