Fearless flyer...

Well, my mom always told me not to jump on my bed, but she never said anything about her grandson and the hotel bed.


Weather is still holding out...

The crane was able to help raise the back wall, but unable to set the trusses in place due to trees and wires. So, lucky for us, Shane had his forklift and was able to squeeze them in. It was quite the process. I think were going to have an entire forest in the walls of this tiny (and over-engineered) house.


Polar Bear sighting in Portland

We took Spencer to the Portland zoo before we headed to Alaska. Lions and tigers and bears oh my!


From the ground up...

a little foundation, a little underfloor framing, my favorite general contractors, and using your imagination....the garage.

How much wood could a wood shed...

just a little weekend project....for four cords.


Top of the world....

Maggie and I dragged the kids up Tumalo Mt (or wait.....maybe it is the other way around) for a 360 view.

Spencer, Claire, Zoe, and Molly with Broken Top and the Sisters as their backdrop

king of the mountain with views of our house below

moms....self portrait


fungus amungus

we've seen all sorts of giant spongy things springing forth from the ground in the last couple of weeks.
i suppose fall is here, even though in town it's still summer.
this might be a panter amenita mushroom, or it might not.

Staci's new term is 'blog-worthy'. As in, "This shot is SO blog-worthy."
If these aren't blog-worthy, my dear, kiss my ass.


New friends....

a weekend in Shasta with our new friend Oliver.....product of John and Liz who joined us too. these two little dudes hit it off.....and I will have to admit I was pretty smitten as well.