The Heartbeat

It was our first doctor visit and we got to hear the heartbeat. Paul's first question was, "there is only one, right?" Yes....to our relief there is only one.


Burn baby burn....

A sweet shot of our solstice bonfire last month courtesy of Eric L.

Life lessons

Spencer and I spent the night in Portland last week picking up some stuff for the house. Memaw and Pepaw joined us to for a little swimming, dinner, play time, and some real life lessons....shaving. Smooth as a baby's bottom.



i just love these kids.


Getting wood.

Herb North is BAD TO THE BONE.
He built us our ladder and railing, trimmed out our windows and doors. If you want work done by this master craftsman, I can get you his number. We need to keep him in business.
The ladder is made of 3"x11" old-growth doug fir that were supports in an old Redmond building.
The railing posts are old fence posts from our property, and the rails themselves were installed underneath the Redmond railway station in 1913. They poured concrete over the top of them.
Anyway, hopefully they like their new home.

Staci and Spencer have fun with a cardboard box. (Note to self: Nice, cheap Christmas present next year...)

The last photo is of the innards of my espresso machine which broke down the other day.