A busy weekend in the yard

Slave labor?

Actually.....we like to call it sharing the wealth.

Here's the play by play....
A 275 foot long trench, 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep.
Paul (and Todd) spend their weekends running the conduit and plumbing up the hill to the new house site.
Paul and Todd take a break to play a little music in the septic tank...the empty tank by the way.
Paul, Todd, Spencer and Staci start filling in the trench so we can have our driveway back.
Staci would rather be drinking a beer than filling in a trench.
Staci has an idea.

My Hero...

Paul's idea....Paul, Todd, and I fill in the trench by hand with shovels.
My idea........Bob.

A sad farewell

Minnesota here they come!
We said goodbye to Chris, Lisa, Amelia, and Garin last weekend. Thank you for ten years of adventures and memories.
Good luck, we love you and will miss you dearly.


And all is well

two days and 82 feet later, the well is dug. (no, that doesn't mean we have running water...)
i still find it funny that the river flows out our front door and the city water main runs through our property, ah well.
don't let paul and spencer fool you, either....they did not dig the well.

Classic spectators


The Cascade Cycling Classic pedaled through Bend last weekend and one of my favorite events of all time is the twilight criterium on Friday night. The streets downtown are closed off, hay bails set up, and over 100 pro racers whiz by. I like to just stand on the corner, close my eyes and hear the sound of bikes roll by and let my hair take on that Sideshow Bob look as their tailwind engulfs me.


A birfday, a birfday...

we were so grateful to have the Arney clan around this weekend....especially Aunt Marsha for her first visit to Bend. thanks Marsha for coming! Well, a couple of pics of Grandma Patti's (or MeMaw's) birthday. You will find her in all her glory...crown, wine, and all.


Black sheep, black sheep, have you any Wool-awa?

A glimpse into my trip to the Wallowa mountains with my crazy friends, John, Chris, Dustin and Greg.
All was not as expected. John's favorite phrase was, "You gotta go up to go down", which was funny at first, but by the end we were all ready to slap him silly. We found a cache of quartz crystals, 40+ elk doing what elk do, around 20 mountain goats (some launching off of a cornice), a turn-of-the-century mining operation, mountains galore, and even a liquor tree that bore fruit every evening. Sometimes it bore too much fruit.

Who do these guys think they are??

Quiet, individual moments with the men. See their unshakable focus? The iron-willed determination? (Just be glad I left out the naked pictures of Mercer...)

Prarie City knows how to cater to their male customers....


A weekend with Memaw and Pepaw

Mimi and MeMaw

....or Spencer's grandmas

A couple more from the beach

Our trip to the beach...

My mom, Spencer, and I got to spend five days at Rockaway Beach doing absolutely nothing besides kick up sand, play in the waves, ride a steam engine, check out a lighthouse, oh.....and of course drink wine.