Strange animal sighting.

Look what we found eking out an existence under a rock in the desert yesterday.

Me Brudders!

Todd, Doug and I spent a weekend in a Welches cabin by Mt. Hood recently thanks to Ma & Pa Arney.
Didn't do much else besides eating and drinking save shooting a bunch of stop-motion animation scenes with some of Spencer's toys and a quick visit to Timberline lodge for a hot toddy. We were looking for a little more Redrum than the ski apres, but whatever. Looking forward to the next one-


Always a good time....

Really.....does it get any better than this?
Thanks Mom for EVERYTHING!



I had this history teacher in high school (Nelson help me out here with his name) who told our class that our generation would be a part of more historical moments than any other and man was he right. I have been in awe, inspired, and brought to tears so many times today.

I cried with one of my clients who is bound to a wheelchair after a coma and decided to kick alcohol and all the drugs you can name on his own because he hopes there is better place for him, I cried because Paul heard the inauguration speech with Spencer and Sahalie and had the chance to explain in his own words what it means to him, and I cried because I am so grateful to be a part of this historic moment that is alive with optimism and hope for the future.

There are so many things that touched my heart today and I am sure there will be many more that will reveal itself in time, but for me Spencer said it best when he picked up a rusty button that someone tossed on the side of the road and said "Look mama, Obama is giving her knucks". You got it baby....knucks.


A Little New Year's Fun.....

We brought in the New Year with the Parodi Mota family (do it, do it, do it) which is always a good time. And unfortunately since having children, I forget to take pictures of the adults. You know I still love you guys right? And the funny thing is our parents really believe that John and Liz are just a figment of our imagination because after being friends for twelve years, they still haven't met. Just keeping the mystery alive......

A little driveway sledding with our sidekick Aly

Who knew the hours of entertainment a bucket and shovel could provide?

Sahalie's bodyguard




Santa was good to us....

Christmas had a whole new meaning for me with Spencer and Sahalie around. The way Spencer's eyes lit up when he saw the monster truck Santa left him and the snowshoes he had to try out immediately after he opened them. Sahalie babbling and laughing throughout most of the day while the snow fell. Perfect weather for some sledding and a hot toddy. Thanks Santa!


boy driving

Waaaay back in June, we let Spencer take the wheel in the Alvord.



Check out these ice fairies on the windshields of Todd's car and my truck.

A few seconds with my children.

Watching Sahalie can be like staring at a fire.
Hanging out with Spencer seems to be stoking one (no audio necessary).
Play movies simultaneously for maximum effect.

Spencer pointing.