Happy Halloween!

The frog prince, the princess, carmen miranda, and the vampire bat. I just LOVE dress up!

Carmen busy eating the fruit off her hat. The dress was a present that Memaw and Pepaw brought back from Spain a couple years ago. Fitting don't you think?

The bat couldn't stop flying for more the 10 seconds so this picture is about as good as it gets. And that was BEFORE the candy....


House (or should I say garage?) Party

We opened the garage doors last weekend for a little celebrating. A couple bonfires in the yard to stay warm, excellent beer flowing from the fridge, and the groovy sounds of CORESPONDENTS filled the air. Uncle Doug and the band were heading south for a three week tour and we were lucky enough to get them live in the garage. And we even raised $160 of gas money for them. So, so fun.



Las Chicas et tortillas

Our friend Jasmine was on her way back to Mexico and decided to school us in authentic tortilla making. No measuring cups, no recipe, just 25 years experience of finding the right blend of masa, flour, and water. We laughed a lot, and maybe she was laughing at us. And although I can't really say my Spanish got any better, my tortilla making sure did! Thanks Yaz!!


Our First Real Snow

It's hard to believe that 5 days earlier it was 75 degrees. Both my kids inhaled their breakfast while I was out digging in the garage for their snow clothes. They were out the door by 8:15am and I didn't see them again until almost lunch. Be the end of the day we had accumulated 10 inches. Hopefully the snow thrower has gas......

A much needed warm up with some of the neighbors


One Last Hike

We got in one last hike before the snow fell 5 days later. We usually hike home from the falls a couple times in the summer, but we were so busy this year that this was actually our first time this season. It was fun to see the difference a year makes. Spencer made it the whole way (3 1/2 miles) without a complaint while taking good care of his little sister along the way. He told me it was because he has 5 year old legs now. Of course! Why didn't I think of that?

Bridge break

Taking good care
Seriously....I live here?

One of my favorite snags along the trail. The picture doesn't do it justice, but I think it is around 60 - 65 ft tall.

Hide and seek


Yo...Birthday Boy!

Five. Cinco. Cinq. 5. Really? How did that happen?
I asked Spencer what he wanted for his birthday? And his calm and cool reply was "a snow leopard cake". Well here you have it. Martha Stewart I am not, but that cake is made with pure love. Happy Birthday buddy....I love you.


Chanterelles Baby!

So Paul says, "I am addicted to mushrooms" as he heads down the property with Sahalie and a brown paper bag in hand.

I ask, "Why the HUGE paper bag?"

Paul says, "I'm hopeful".

Well, here's to being hopeful...three nights in a row of chanterelle feasts. Mushroom omelets, mushroom pizza, and mushroom barley soup. I love fall!