2nd Annual Pine Mt. Camping Trip!

I helped Spencer celebrate his graduation from pre-school by taking him camping.
He didn't know until we picked him up and saw all the gear in the back of the truck, and boy did he get excited.
We drove out to Pine Mountain where I took him camping last year for the first time, and we stayed in the spot we found while exploring...you could see from Mt Bachelor all the way to a faint Mt St Helens!
We saw hang gliders and a huge telescope, ate smores and climbed on rocks, but mostly we just hung out and were boys.
Hard to believe that Spencer is so big these days.


June 25, 2011

Sahalie is exactly the age Spencer was when she was born and also, exactly half his age which will never happen again in their lifetime. Crazy, beautiful children.


Summer finally showed up

You know summer has truly arrived in Central Oregon when you can go to the pool and not freeze your tush off. Notice it is only the kids who were in the water....Mama was "wading". The only time I actually got fully in the water was when Sahalie tried to drown herself in the hot tub. Yep, I went in fully clothed. Note to self....ALWAYS wear your suit underneath your clothes when you are at the pool with the Arney children.


Dancing Queen

Well, I will have to say that I am thrilled that my interpretive dance genes got passed down to Sahalie. I will catch her dancing to the music in her head at the dinner table, in her room, and in the sandbox. A small clip for you....enjoy!!


A Sad Goodbye

Well.....They are doing it. They Leydens are moving back to Nebraska. It has been a long hard goodbye and we will miss them terribly. We love you Katie, Eric, Molly, and Graham!


She's worth every penny.

Spending time with Sahalie, just her and Papa!

First Art Show!

Spencer displayed his first canvas at The Common Table during art walk last week.

Outside Jerry's Power and Outerwear