This is half of a bolete cap that we found in our yard.

Staci captured this sunset on the way home.

No landscaping needed here.

This is where crazy Uncle Todd lives.

Columbine are out!


P-Paw Buzz built a great sandbox that I finally filled with sand on Father's Day. Seemed like a fatherly thing to do.
Now, I can't keep our kids out of it.
Luckily, Buzz thought ahead and made the thing with drinkholders.

Thanks, Ladies!!!!!!!

For Father's Day, three of the most beloved women in my life went in together to get me a new camera (I left my other one in a Toppenish city park way back and have been mourning my creative outlet). Staci, Shari, Patti- thanks for a great gift. The favor will be returned with many small thumbnail-sized images over the course of time. Check it out:


We went to our friend Cass' birthday party last weekend at one of our favorite parks. It was a true field day with kickball, bar-be-que, beer, and cones for relay races. Spencer and his friend Ella found another, better use for the cones.


The Graduate

Spencer graduated from his preschool class a couple of weeks ago. It was very sweet and his teacher, Ms Connie, wrote a poem for each of the kids in her class. Here is what she had to say about our Spencer....

I want you to know
I have enjoyed watching you grow
You have two lovely parents
I'm sure you know

Their quiet shy boy
who found his voice
has energy, imagination, friendships
and Ms. Connie's "Make a good choice"

I will never forget your eyes and curl
This year and your energy gave me a whirl

Spencer's angel. How can I get some of that?

Sweet parking spot


Room for two


Hoping to fill his Papa's shoes

Well, Sahalie has a shoe fetish and so Spencer spends a lot of time trying to find the perfect hiding spot for his (especially his cool kicks). It looks like he found just the right fit.



And the winner is?

Paul Arney. The weather has been perfect for the morels and it was a race to see who would find the first one. We can barely go for a hike without Paul wandering every which way off the trail for up to 15 minutes trying to find the first one, while I on the other hand (reigning champion) would casually glance on either side of the trail confident that the mushroom would find me first. And in the end, ambition and patience prevailed. Nice work Paul!

The Birthday Girls

Just turned 27.....again.