Oh the holidays!

My ladies get all dressed up for the silliest things...but it's a darn good excuse for it.
Don't they look CUTE???


Pumpkin Patch

Our visit to the pumpkin patch over the years is less about the pumpkins and more about the ponies. Their favorite part and what they always talk about days after are riding the ponies. We love you "Sparkles"!



Hard to believe...my baby started kindergarten. I cried three times. Once when he picked out what he was going to wear on his first day of school, the second time when we walked into the classroom, and the third time when he waved goodbye as Paul and I left. I love you little man.

His first and long awaited school bus ride. I think he was more excited about riding the bus than going to kindergarten.


"Pretty" School

Sahalie has been wondering for the last couple of months when she gets to go to "pretty school"....a.k.a. pre-school. She knows the school well because of Spencer and she even has the same teachers, Mr. Brian and Ms. Heather (Mr. Heather to Sahalie.) She waved her goodbyes and told me it was time for me to go because it was "her school". And Mr. Brian thought she was shy.....


Our Favorite Spot

We got it....our favorite camp spot on Sparks Lake. We have brought the kids here before but have never camped. South Sister was in her full glory, the lake was warm and glassy, the s'mores were off the hook as well as the stars and we got to wake up to early morning canoe adventures. We shared stories of Uncle Jim who camped on the lake for his honeymoon and saw no one for two weeks to when Paul and I wrote our vows in that very spot. A pretty special place for sure.

"The point"

Sahalie waiting for Papa to return from his second paddle. The first trip was dogs, kids, and cooler....the second trip was the rest of the camping gear. It was one trip too many. So, on the way out we looked a little more like the Bend hillbilly's with two adults, two kids, two dogs, and all our camping gear. Kind of sad we don't have a picture of that one.

Spencer's catch


Look out world...she's 3

There's no doubt about it. She is 3 and she will make sure you know it. The sass factor just kicked in.....

The celebrators
Who doesn't like a purple tutu with sparkles?


First Cousins

Spencer and Sahalie finally got to meet their one and only cousin, Baby Claire all the way from Alaska.



Deschutes County Fair

This was the first year I was brave enough to take my kids to the fair. I don't think Spencer's feet touched the ground all day. He was so excited about everything from the rides to the animals to the ice cream. Ya gotta love the fair. Unfortunately, I didn't have the energy to go back that evening for Joan Jett.


Elk Lake

Lucky kids!!


Celebrating in Pacific City

Headed to Pacific City for my friend Deena's 50th birthday. Surf, sand, blue skies, and good friends. What more could you ask for?

Pretending like we own the place

The chicas with the birthday girl


Running the river

Running the river in front of the house while it's high....mama said no thanks.


Sparks Lake

Our first canoe outing of the season. The snow pack was so big this year that the boat ramp just opened and it was hard to find a beach spot, but it didn't stop us. Sahalie managed to be naked within minutes and Spencer caught the biggest frog I have ever seen.


4th of July

Lots of 4th of July fun to be had this year. Of course, the annual pet parade with the flying chihuahua, popsicles, slip and slide madness with Uncle Todd, big boy fireworks (sparklers don't cut it anymore) and of course, the fireworks on top of Pilot Butte from my mom and dad's backyard. Happy 4th!!