A couple weeks ago I went backpacking with Greg, Dustin, Edwardo and Mike. It was really tiring. We hiked super hard (uphill mostly) and drank booze.

Lots of snow still up there in mid-july.

we found this lake a few years ago.

the b&b burn is looking better than ever.

d gurley showing how it's done.

best glissade ever. look at strom's woody!


where did she go again?

Staci was gone in the recent past and Spencer and I showed Sahalie a good time by taking her up to the tower. The shitkickers she's wearing were mine when I was just a wee lad. Thanks for keeping them, Mom!

Spencer showing Sahalie where home is.

check out them boots.

cougar attack

i know it's cliche, but this IS how we roll.


Mike and Cass 'stopped by' recently (they were riding their mt bikes and brought along a change of clothes, wine, and beer...) and we had a nice spontaneous evening in the woods. Sahalie ate well and found someone willing to kiss that saucy face!


Our California BFF's

Our second annual 4th of July extravaganza with John, Liz, Oliver and Benjamin. Floating chihuahuas at the pet parade, sparklers...even for the 2 year old, fly fishing off thunder bridge, exploring Tumalo Falls and lots of birthday beer. Happy 4th!