The lunar eclipse

My camera bag was packed "just in case" I happened to wake up between the wee hours of 3 and 4:30am. Sure enough, Spencer starts talking in his sleep about 3:30....something about nice dogs and good girls...hubba, hubba. I dragged myself out of bed and drove up the road until I had an unobstructed view of the moon. A myriad of stars twinkled above, the trees were silhouetted against the deep blue sky, and the moon was a brilliant orange with the shadow of the earth across most ot it. It was beautiful and unfortunately, the picture doesn't do it justice...


Dude....where's my car?

I bought Spencer some matchbox cars circa 1971 - 1981 since he has loved playing with Todd's old set when he is up with the grandparents. 39 cars, complete with carrying case for $5.50.....plus shipping which of course cost more than the cars. The first night as Spencer was going to bed, I could hear him..."park car, park car" and as I peek around the corner, he is parking each one of his cars side by side under the chair until all 39 were lined up just right.




And the winner is.....

It was definitely a different block party than I have ever been to. The theme...."The inappropriate t-shirt you can't wear to town" party. So, here it is....voted the "most original" by a jury of my peers.



So, we go to the humane society just to look.
There is a little dog, laying quietly while the others yip and yap, yip and yap.
We choose to take her home, with her bloated little belly and crusty nose because, even at 3 months and without having a name, she would come when called. Everytime.
A few months later, she jumped out of the back of a truck going 55. I found her in a ditch with a couple of scratches.
Within a few more months, she began limping on her back leg. Evidently her kneecap wouldn't stay put.
Surgery. In Eugene. $$$$
I picked her shaven little body up and brought her home. She was grateful. If nothing else, Tashi is grateful.
She has been stopped in her tracks by a stick that should have removed her eyeball.
I've leapt out of the back of the truck from under the canopy, realizing Tashi was relaxing in the shade only when both of my feet land on her side. She didn't make a noise.
Our vet has found open wounds concealed in by her coat we didn't know were there because she didn't complain about them.
We got Tashi to give Aly a sister, but what we really got was one of the sweetest and loyal animals I've ever come across.

This last weekend, Tashi had an accident involving a rather large stick that tore her wide open. $$$ The vet said she could see her rib cage, and now she has crazy Frankenstein stitches and a drain in her side. Less than 48 hours after she skinned herself alive she's acting normal, minus what you can see above.

Here's to Tashi going for it. Sure beats the pound.

Out of the rocking chair, into the rocking....

No sex (other than stuffed-animal dry-humping)
No drugs (other than sugar and teething tablets)
Just pure dirty-butt rock.


The last supper.....

It is the end of an era...Super Burrito closed its doors after 11 years in downtown Bend. It has surely been a staple for us...... sometimes two meals a day and in our younger years, often three times a week. Paul and I have even spent the time to figure out how much money we have actually spent on those three dollar burritos over the years. Let me just say we helped to keep them in business and we will keep it our little secret.
And the finale.....Paul walked away with a chicken fajita plate and it was the chicken enchiladas for me. And I will have to say it was just as good as the first time. Thanks Super B.


My new do

before, during....and after


"Beep, baaaa, beep, baaaa"

Saturday morning and we are having a nice, little waffle breakfast with the neighbor girls.... then Spencer is pointing and yelling "beep, baaa, beep, baaa".
Paul is out the front door, swinging the spatula at a sheep that has wandered into our yard and asking him kindly not to eat the leather off the barbeque utensils, the sheep starts chasing Aly, and the neighbors Austrailian shepherd starts chasing the sheep (the three of them did about five laps around the cabin). The neighbor girls are squealing, Spencer is still yelling, "beep, baaaa, beep, baaa". In the midst of it all, Paul explains that he will deal with the sheep after breakfast as he sits down with a pile of waffles. The waffles are gone and Paul grabs a rope, ties it around the sheeps neck and starts walking the sheep home with four kids in tow and the neighbor dogs running circles around, herding them all down the road.

As you can imagine, it was quite comical and unfortunately, I didn't get any pics of Paul in his overalls, barechested, with four kids, two dogs, and the neigborhood sheep.


A year ago....

Even though we had just finished our remodel, Paul says, "Let's just go check out this house."
I give him that look and he says, "We are just going to go look".
I know better because this is how we adopted Tashi. We were just going to go "look" at the humane society.

Well, thank goodness the house didn't fit our family....but, the property across the river is for sale...yes, the piece of property on the river that is 2 and a half acres.Bare land, build your own house, and be on vacation 24/7.
So, here we are a year later on the property and soaking up every minute of it, including the headaches and squirrels trying to bed down for the winter in our ceiling.
I haven't been to town in five days and I am trying to figure out how I can avoid it for the next five days.
Life is short, where do you want to be?
If you are not sure, come on over.